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Bryan Matthew

Worst German Food i ever had in my Life. All around disappointing experience.

Nancy K

Dinner was terrible there a couple weeks ago....went on a Saturday evening and they had no spätzle...who ever heard of a German Restaurant not having Spaetzle. Our schnitzel was not cooked all the way through and was full of gritzel...understand new owners....wonder how long they will last with the poor quality food served.

Grec C

This place is almost never open. They don't stick to the hours listed, so planning to go with friends is practically impossible. For instance, I tried to go tonight , it's closed on Tuedsday evening ! What happens...

Henry Sh

The name is the only thing that is left from a good restaurant. New owner and cook. The menu shrank from book to a single page. Will not go again.

Donna Philipps

New Ownership. New restaurant owners from Romania. The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small. Will never come back.

Iynn miller

New owners never owned/worked a Restaurant

Renee Binns

Nothing special.

Gina Farrington

Literally the worst food I have ever eaten in my life. Spent almost $18 on Rouladens and they were so small, tough, and chewy. They didn’t have potato balls so we got the potato pancakes which were burnt. I couldn’t even get through one rouladen. I ended up eating dinner at my house just to get the awful taste out of my mouth. DO NOT EAT HERE!

Rege Adevar

Worst German food EVER. I have had German food in Germany and in Texas. I KNOW what schnitzel is supposed to taste like.I cut into my Jaeger Schnitzel and it was bone dry. The flavor was terrible. There wasn't any seasoning. It was like they threw the meat into some bread crumbs and fried it. Sauce? What sauce? There was a TINY bit of sauce with three mushrooms. Don't get me started about the spaetzel. ZERO flavor. My friend's husband had never had it and he couldn't get beyond one bite. It was a pile of mushy blandness. Seriously. I couldn't finish my schnitzel. It was that bad and flavorless. My friends didn't finish their dinners either.

Bryan Schneider

Best Waitress in Town. The food here was awful.Currywurst is the worst. Terrible schnitzel. Dry and tough.Very small menu.The best part of the meal was our waitress.Wish we had not been talked into going in there, and wish we had left when we saw the menu. Will never return. .

Donny Cohen

I will just say. I’m a big fan of the place and Duke and his wife made the best consistent food and Duke always came around and made sure everything was ok. It’s my sons favorite place and he was in town from college. We were both so excited to try with new owners. They have one waitress waiting on the whole restaurant. No Eye contact and stood there and waited for five minutes without anybody looking at us. There where only 6 table occupied. Very small menu but had what we wanted. She said the cook/owner makes everything to order. It came out and I haven’t ever sent anything back with the exception of raw chicken in my life and I didn’t this time. However it was hands down the worst food I have ever eaten at a restaurant in my life. I pray they make quick changes.

B&C Costa Rica Adventures

Sadly this is not the same place as it was before they sold. They were never known for fast service but the food and drink always made up for it. Now the service is even slower, they don't carry even half the drinks, and the food is terrible. The are deep frying the Schnitzels, I stepped up and paid $4 dollars extra to have Veil and could not even eat it, it was way over cooked. To the point that my shoe would have tasted better. My wife had the regular which has always tasted great. Not any more. No more German Bread, they now serve the Hawaiian bread that you get from Publics. Goulash was ,, I have no idea. The service was so so and bad, after 10 minutes of no service after she dropped off my food, I had to walk to the kitchen to explain my problem..... They didn't even try to fix the problem and never took it off the bill. I notice 2 other tables that left without eating even half their food so it's pretty safe to say their food was bad too. Best advise, Do not eat there, if you want German food drive to the next place.

Andi Leh

New Owners

We have been here a couple of times in the past (gave it 5*) but noticed something different this time. New owners, new chef, and slow service. We think the new owner have nothing restaurant experience. It took us a long time to get waited on and to get our food. It's so sad that anybody thinks they can run a restaurant business and all they do is take your money, don't even make you feel good about it and don't care. Not worth it. We will not be back.